Wild Tales India

Considered to be one of the fastest growing production houses in the country, we own a wide range of wildlife and tourism content archive of factual HD footage of almost the whole of India. Even though we specialize in assisting you in making your vision a reality with our outstanding equipment, brilliant crews, support services, gear locations and stock footage, you can make us a part of your plan of producing the film as a whole. Lets shake hands and create together remarkable works of art through our unique lenses.



Our Fastest Growing global collection of HD internet and television content on South Asia is now online.  “A Visual journey of India’- one of our initiative has taken 10 years to put it together, and we are striving every day to archive the uniqueness of every aspect of India through our lens. We can open doors that no one else can –be it creative, aesthetic, bureaucratic and especially the doors of your inner mind.  We have 15000+clips, films, and planning to attain 1 million by 2025.

Let’s collaborate and create. We would love to be a part of your story telling journey, no matter what you require.